ATTENTION: Citizens concerned about health safety and cleanliness…
Now, Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer Gel (Even More Effective Than Purel) 
in Just Two Minutes FLAT for About 

.27 Cents a Bottle!
Now, Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer Gel in (Even More Effective Than Purel) 
in Just Two Minutes FLAT for About .27 Cents a Bottle!
NOTE: This is NOT some Dollar Store Aloe Vera Recipe or Hippy Tea Tree Oil Formula. This is the ORIGINAL Formula That Started The Whole Alcohol Gel Industry
Original Innovators of Alcohol Gel Reveal The Secret $3.4B Formula For The Sake of Public Safety When 
The World Needs it Most!

Concerned Citizens, 

When I saw the images below it made me sick.

Amazon selling a normally priced $4 bottle of hand sanitizer for as much as $55 while Americans are DYING from germs that kill older people, weak people and even little babies. 

The Chaos of the Shortage is Even Causing Some Hospital Visitors to Rip Sanitizer Dispensers
 Right Off of the Walls...
The Chaos of the Shortage is Even Causing Some Hospital Visitors to Rip Sanitizer Dispensers Right Off of the Walls...

I knew I had to blow the whistle and give these greedy SOB’s what they had coming.

I was on the team that developed the very first alcohol gels way back in 1988…

In fact we discovered what’s now a common everyday product quite by accident in the lab.

    Here’s the Big Industry Secret...

The first gels we made were from Isopropyl alcohol or IPA as they call it in the business. 


Because IPA is a better germ killer than EPA or Ethel alcohol that Purel and others use today.

This post from the Center For Disease Control explains why IPA is more effective against some bacteria.

So Why Doesn’t Everyone Use IPA?
(The Answer is Shocking…)
So Why Doesn’t Everyone Use IPA? (The Answer is Shocking…)

Because it makes smaller bubbles and it doesn’t smell as pretty (I’m not kidding)

If you want to use Ethel (commonly called grain alcohol) the formula in the video above will still work... 

BUT, It just doesn’t kill germs as well and it costs a lot more.

Here is the recipe in case they ban the video or this site…

Screenshot it now or write it down and share it with your friends.


8 Ounces Purified Water
16 Ounces 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
1.5 Teaspoons Carbomal80™
5 Drops GlycolTEA™
5 Drops Silacal945™

(Makes 3-4 bottles or 12 travel size)

Phase 1: Water Phase

In a blender combine:
8 Ounces Water
5 Drops GlycolTEA™
1.5 Teaspoons Carbomal80™
Blend 15 Seconds

Your mixture will become a gel – set aside

Phase 2: The Alcohol Phase

In a separate bowl combine:
16 Ounces 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
5 Drops Silacal945™
Stir and set aside

Phase 3:

In a bowl, pour alcohol solution into water/gel solution
Gently Stir
(Your solution may be cloudy and thin at this point, but that’s ok!)
Allow to sit for 1 hour

Final Step:

Add your hydrated hand sanitizer mixture into your blender and blend for 10 seconds
Bottle and use
*Note: your hand sanitizer will become more clear after it has set for a day or two.

You Now Have IPA Alcohol Gel That Kills 99.98% of Germs on Contact - Without Breaking The Bank Or Braving Crowds of the Unprepared...

NOTE: The best place to buy gallons of alcohol is a beauty supply store or just buy 8 pint bottles at most dollar stores.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the alcohol is at least 70% pure.

Now, we can’t ship alcohol to you but we do have a kit available (for the moment) that has everything else you need to make your own reliable, cost effective and possibly life saving disinfectant. 

Click below to order now to order your kit now while they last! 

All kits include FREE Shipping for the month of March! 

Today I am donating the shipping costs to help everyone get supplied so while the kits last, the shipping is on me.

I suggest you stock up now. 

This is just getting started and we’re already seeing prices for basics (let alone preventative needs) soar...

Our 5 gallon kit makes about (80) 8 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer gel (or .27 cents a bottle counting waste)

Stockpile it, give it to your family, friends or church members...or even sell it if you want but PLEASE don’t take advantage of people in need.

The more prepared we can all be, the safer we all are.

$4 a bottle is a fair price. 

If you have any problems making the product (it’s SUPER easy) just email us at [email protected] for help.



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